Where Will Joe Flacco Land?

The Ravens are expected to part with Joe Flacco in the off-season and that will revive his career. The Ravens are not where they used to be in terms of quarterback-receiver dynamics. They have evolved into a defense dominated team and rely a lot on the running game. They no longer have that reliable receiver that Joe Flacco had great chemistry with. Torrey Smith and Steve Smith were exceptional targets for Flacco and helped him succeed. If he joins a team with a good receiving corps and a competent offensive coordinator he could very well succeed and lead a team into the playoffs. There’s so many teams that have franchise quarterbacks though, so it’ll be tough to find a team that will not only name him their starting QB, but also to give him the tools he needs to succeed. The only teams I could see Flacco going to are the Jaguars and the Redskins. They both have really confusing quarterback situations and could benefit from a veteran who’s made it to the Super Bowl. Both of their receiving corps are underrated and could really shine if Flacco gets that chemistry with them. Flacco could bring the best out of Dede Westbrook and Donte Moncrief if they play to their fullest potential. For the Skins, I could see Flacco and Josh Doctson having great chemistry, and Doctson is way too talented and brimming with potential greatness to not have a good quarterback to give him that chance. Doctson was unbelievable on TCU and could have a breakout season anytime soon, like Mike Williams for the Chargers. Other than those two teams, who are screwed in their QB department, Flacco may not have a chance to be a starter ever again

My 5 Favorite Week 11 Matchups

How the fuck is it already week 11? Season goes by WAY too fast, like the time I lost my virginity. Anyways, best game of the week is a no-brainer. The 9-1 Rams VS the 9-1 Chiefs, a football game that was definitely not moved from Mexico because of field conditions, but because the NFL wanted to make some serious fucking money off of it, which they can make way more of in LA.Continue Reading