Super Bowl LIII Was Dope

I wanna start off with some simple math. 6 divided by 18 is .33333333, or some say 33%. 9 divided by 18 is .50. 6 divided by 9 is .66. Why do these matter? Six rings in 9 tries over 18 years equals domination. The Patriots won the Super Bowl last night and even though I was way too sloshed to remember everything, the highlights refreshed my rotten memory. Continue Reading

Rams Vs Chiefs: Essentially A Televised Game Of Madden

54 – 51. Those are video game numbers. Those are the numbers you see in Madden when you start a game and set the defensive AI to easy mode. But as it turns out, last night’s game was real life, and it was one of the most incredible football games I have had the honor of watching. I had the Chiefs money line, and the over on this game, and let me tell you I have never been so proud to cover.Continue Reading

My 5 Favorite Week 11 Matchups

How the fuck is it already week 11? Season goes by WAY too fast, like the time I lost my virginity. Anyways, best game of the week is a no-brainer. The 9-1 Rams VS the 9-1 Chiefs, a football game that was definitely not moved from Mexico because of field conditions, but because the NFL wanted to make some serious fucking money off of it, which they can make way more of in LA.Continue Reading

My NFL Top 4 Power Rankings

Okay so number one isn’t exactly a fucking surprise, it’s the Saints. They’re the team to beat whether you’re in The NFC or AFC. Their ability to make big plays by land or sea is incredible, doesn’t matter where the hole is in your defense, they’re going to find it and exploit the hell out of it. Keep an eye out for Veteran Brandon Marshall, if they find a way to incorporate him into their offense efficiently it will just add to their big play opportunities.Continue Reading

The Saints Are The Best Team In The NFC

I’ve been saying this for a WHILE now, but now its official. Jared Goff gained a father last night, Drew Brees is official his daddy now. I knew the Rams would put up a good fight, but in the end, it comes to down to raw talent, and the Saints have more of it. I mean, if I had to pick between New Orleans running backs, or Los Angeles running backs, it would be a tough choice but I would choose New Orleans, yes Todd Gurley by himself is better then Alvin Kamara or Mark Ingram, but he isn’t better than BOTH of them.Continue Reading