Dion Lewis Isn’t Good Enough To Talk Shit To The Patriots

Hell yeah, it’s personal. When you go cheap, you get your ass kicked”

Those are the words that come out of the mouth of this weeks stupid fucking moron of the week. First things first, remember who the fuck you’re talking too, were Mark Wahlberg you’re Donnie Wahlberg, were Eddie Murphy you’re Charlie Murphy, aka you’re shit in comparison, and you’re barely the best running back on your team so checkity check yourself before you wreckity wreck yourself.Continue Reading

NFL Week 10 Just Makes No Sense

What the actual fuck. The Browns are smoking Atlanta, the Patriots are losing to Tennessee who I guess is good but thought they were a joke until today, the Saints are performing necrophilia on live TV by fucking the Bengals to death, Matt Barkley is humiliating the Jets which isn’t really an accomplishment but it when you throw a TD to your left tackle it kind of is, oh and kickers continue to prove why they should be paid an annual salary of 12 dollars because they have no idea how to do their job. First of all as a Patriots fan let me say this fuck the titans, now that that’s out of the way we can get to the real issue at hand which is the fact that our defense was easier to tear apart than wet dollar store paper towels.Continue Reading

There’s A Disgusting Epidemic That’s Sweeping The Nation And We Need To Talk About It

I know what you’re wondering, what is this blog even going to be about? I just discovered a form of privilege more disgusting than white privilege: Patriots fan privelege. Did you know that some teams don’t even make it to the playoffs?! I just found that out and I swear to God I almost threw up. I couldn’t believe it. We as Patriots fans need to step back and truly check out privilege: I did out the math and since Tom Brady has been QB we have made the playoffs in 15 of our 17 seasons. Statistically, we have a 88% chance of making it this year. We need to step back and just have the whole team stay home so some other chances might have a chance of beating us. I don’t know about you guys, but out privilege is showing this year and it needs to stop. Okay now that the blatant sarcasm is done, how great is it that were Pats fans? I mean legit every year we have a chance of winning the superbowl, while other teams are just garbage. Thank God I was born in New England. Long live Thomas Edward Patrick Brady JR.

Boston Sports > Literally Anything Else

I mean when you can watch the Red Sox just obliterate the Astros, and in the same night can see the Celtics sexually assault the 76ers on live TV, it’s just a great time to be alive. The Sox look really good, and they’ve got the win in 5. The Celtics are technically undefeated right now and there isn’t a single human on earth who can argue that point. The Bruins have literally only lost 1 game so far this season. And the Patriots just beat one of the best teams in the NFL Sunday night. Here’s a bold take for you: Were going to win it all this year. Everything. The super bowl. The Stanley Cup. The NBA Championship. And the World Fucking Series. Boston sports is coming for every other sorry excuse for a team’s throats. Because we are superior and dominant in every single damn way