The Packers Are Going To Have The Best WR/RB Duo In The NFL…. Are You Silly?

I’m sorry but when I saw this travesty of an article written, I had no other option then to put the clueless hillbilly that wrote it on blast. Because he should be writing posts about competitive antiquing after showing how stupid he is to the whole world when he said that Davante Adams and Aaron Jones are the best combo in the league.

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Super Bowl LIII Was Dope

I wanna start off with some simple math. 6 divided by 18 is .33333333, or some say 33%. 9 divided by 18 is .50. 6 divided by 9 is .66. Why do these matter? Six rings in 9 tries over 18 years equals domination. The Patriots won the Super Bowl last night and even though I was way too sloshed to remember everything, the highlights refreshed my rotten memory. Continue Reading