Raptors Are One Win Away

I’ve been saying since the start of the season that the Toronto Raptors are the real deal. Kawhi, not Giannis, has been the best player in the NBA all season. He doesn’t give a shit about stats, accolades, or media attention. He just wants to win games. And he’s one win away from being an NBA champion for the 2nd time in his career. The first time he accomplished that feat, he was on a team that featured legends like Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobli. The Spurs weren’t his team yet. He’s running his own team now, and this Raptors squad is poised to take down a dynasty.

The Golden State Warriors have owned the league since 2015, and they could lose their grasp on it tonight. Despite the fact that KD hasn’t played in the series so far, all the fuckin bum analysts and haters said that the Warriors are actually better without him. Now the same cockamamie douchebags are begging for Durant to come back and save the Warriors. It’s quite hilarious how stupid some people are. Durant should return tonight, so that gives less people the right to say “Kawhi beat the Warriors without KD.”

Tonight is the night where Toronto could win their first ever NBA Finals. Where Kawhi could solidify his case for best player in the world. And they could do it in Toronto. An entire country will be rooting for their team, and 2 entire countries will be rooting against Golden State. Kawhi and the Raptors can handle that pressure. I originally predicted the Warriors would win once again, but I believe I was wrong. Unless Durant can help the Warriors pull off a miracle, Toronto is gonna win. And we won’t see the end of Drake for a while.

Have the Warriors Lost Their Identity?

The Warriors got Steph Curry back tonight, so naturally they should’ve beaten the Pistons. I mean, KD the snake, the Splash Bros, bench depth, Warriors basketball, everyone else should be dog shit compared to these guys. In reality though, they’re not even the best team in California. The Clippers are currently the one seed and the Dubs are a middle of the pack team in a loaded West. But looking at the box score of tonight’s Warriors-Pistons showdown shows a startling fact: the Warriors are slowly but surely losing their identity. In the past, they’ve thrived by sharing the ball, playing smart, and shooting well. Tonight against the Pistons KD, Steph, Klay, all scored 20+ points (28, 27, and 21 respectively). But the rest of the team scored a combined 26 points, the next highest to Klay being 9 points. Meanwhile, Detroit had 6 players in double figures, including Blake Griffin with 26 and Stanley Johnson adding 19. That’s a big difference in the type of game they played tonight. The Warriors did not play team basketball tonight and they have been mediocre compared to their past 4 seasons of complete fucking destruction. NBA fans must be thrilled since they’re not the big bad Dub Nation they have been in the past. They still have plenty of time to get their act together, but they have definitely lost a piece of their former selves this season.