The Jaguars are the Most Boring Football Team Ever

In baseball, a 6-0 ballgame is fun to watch because it shows a team’s dominance in both offense and defense. In football, people expect a lot of offense and still like to see their team be able to stop another’s attack. But a 6-0 score in football is about the equivalent of watching a silent movie about a tree waving in the wind for 3 and a half hours. Continue Reading

My 5 Favorite Week 11 Matchups

How the fuck is it already week 11? Season goes by WAY too fast, like the time I lost my virginity. Anyways, best game of the week is a no-brainer. The 9-1 Rams VS the 9-1 Chiefs, a football game that was definitely not moved from Mexico because of field conditions, but because the NFL wanted to make some serious fucking money off of it, which they can make way more of in LA.Continue Reading

The Cowboys Beating The Jaguars The Way They Did Was Downright Confusing

Let me start of by saying I just got back from a 4 day drill weekend serving my country (you’re welcome) so I missed a lot of football today, but the one thing I didn’t miss tonight was the Cowboys destroying the Jaguars like a 14 year old that somehow got a hold of a sex doll. No one saw this coming, not me, not Vegas, the Cowboys probably didn’t even see this coming. The Cowboys offense has essentially been an on fire trash factory all season long, and I guess you have to face a top 5 defense to show up? It almost seemed like what would happen if the Golden State Warriors faced a children’s wheelchair basketball team. If this game showed me anything, is that any team can do anything, and Jalen Ramsey is kind of over hyped.