The Cowboys Beating The Jaguars The Way They Did Was Downright Confusing

Let me start of by saying I just got back from a 4 day drill weekend serving my country (you’re welcome) so I missed a lot of football today, but the one thing I didn’t miss tonight was the Cowboys destroying the Jaguars like a 14 year old that somehow got a hold of a sex doll. No one saw this coming, not me, not Vegas, the Cowboys probably didn’t even see this coming. The Cowboys offense has essentially been an on fire trash factory all season long, and I guess you have to face a top 5 defense to show up? It almost seemed like what would happen if the Golden State Warriors faced a children’s wheelchair basketball team. If this game showed me anything, is that any team can do anything, and Jalen Ramsey is kind of over hyped.

Jason Garrett Is A Dumb Idiot Person

Okay, I know this one is late but I just wanted to express my hatred for Jason Garrett. I didn’t even have money on the Cowboys (primarily because I’m not an idiot) but this decision still pissed me off. How in the world do you punt on 4th and 1 on the Houston 42 yard line? You have a fucking beast of a running back in Ezekiel Elliot, you give him the ball, and THEN if worse comes to worse, you give your defense a chance to stop them. What a wildly idiotic decision to make, the Cowboys are just going to keep doing stupid Cowboy things I guess. But whatever, I covered on the game because I bought to 2.5 for the Houston spread, and I am going to win again in 2 hours when the Saints finish embarrassing the Redskins just like a Jewish mother does at her son’s Bah Mitzvah (for those of you pieces of shit out there that don’t know Jewish culture and traditions it’s a coming of age ceremony for 13 year old boys, read a book).

Jerry Jones Is Now One Of The Dumbest Humans On Earth


Jerry Jones has just made potentially the dumbest statement of all time, that he sees similarities between the Rams and the Cowboys offenses…. Dementia has clearly set in early. Have you watched the Cowboys offense this year Jerry? The Cowboys offense shows more similarities to the gigantic floating pile of trash floating around the pacific ocean than it does to the Rams currently sterling offense. The Cowboys are 1-2 going into week 4, and are probably going to be 1-3 going into week 5, in all honesty their offense has no excuse to be as poor performing as it has been , seeing as they have one of the best backs in the league combined with the fact that they have a top 3 Offensive line in the league as of right now. The Cowboys have 41 points of combined offense going into week 4, and the Rams have 140 points combined offense with their week 4 game already out of the way. My advice to Jerry Jones would be this, maybe run stupid shit you’re going to say publicly by someone that knows whats going on with Football so that the whole internet doesn’t end up viewing you as a moron.