NBA Trade Deadline Heating Up

The trade deadline is less than a week away and there’s already been the same amount of petty drama and rumors as a private high school in California. Yesterday, we saw the Knicks basically trade their best player, Kristaps Porzingis, to the Mavericks for a pack of gum and a 2 dollar bill. Continue Reading

Everyone’s Going to the Lakers! Until They Don’t

There’s a long list of players in the past couple of years who have been reportedly going to the Lakers in free agency or by trade. LeBron was going to go no matter what because he always gets what he wants and can’t be loyal to his team that he wanted to win infinite championships with. Then we heard reports that Paul George and Kawhi Leonard were dead-set on teaming up in LA. Now we have reporters claiming Kyrie, Klay, and The Brow are going to be there next season. I’ve even seen some bullshit that Durant wants to join LeBron too.

Its all a flaming heap of bullshit. NONE of those players, besides maybe Davis, will be a Laker. Paul George stayed loyal to OKC, and I believe Kawhi found a home in Toronto. If Davis is traded, the Lakers will lose many of the young players that would be integral parts of their future and they might be able to grab on free agent, maybe 2. Klay should just go somewhere better. Kyrie should stay in Boston, especially if they do end up making a go at Davis in the future. Durant won’t go to the Lakers, he’s had enough bad publicity. And it’s funny because no matter how many LA teams are loaded with talent and dick-ridden by the media, they usually choke when it matters (knock on wood). Only time will tell, but it seems like the Lakers and their fans are getting way too caught up in the hype, similar to when they drafted that bust Lonzo in front of at least 20 other players better than him.

Pelicans Are Actually a Top Team

The Pelicans have started the season 4-4, but they could easily be 7-1. They’ve lost to the Trailblazers, the Nuggets, and the Jazz all without their best player in Anthony Davis. The Brow played 41 minutes in the loss to Golden State, but he didn’t play in their other 3 losses. Their front court is absolutely stacked. Ever since Nikola Mirotic shaved his face bush he’s been incredible, and Julius Randle looks like a much better fit in NoLa than La La Land. Not to mention their back court is studded with Elfrid Payton and Jrue Holiday with Tim Frazier coming off the bench. Everyone has been producing without Davis, but when he’s in the starting five they are damn near unstoppable. If you think the Pelicans suck, then watch a fuckin game and stop depending on going on the ESPN app once in a while to get your facts. They looked stellar last night against Portland despite a double digit loss. Count them in to a top playoff seed in the West and expect them to be favored in almost every matchup they play when they’re fully loaded and ready to grind.