LeBron passes Jordan on All Time Scoring List

LeBron James achieves another impressive milestone last night, only needing 13 points to pass MJ on the list and ended up scoring 31 in the loss to the Nuggets. This gives basketball fans another chance to argue who is ultimately the greatest of all time. Is it Jordan? Is it James? Continue Reading

Wicked Early MLB Predictions

Opening Day is just a few weeks away and I can smell the sweet scents of freshly cut grass and pine tar. Baseball season is upon us, and all the people who don’t care about it can slob on a knob. Following the recent free agent signings of Machad-hoe and Harper, we can finally start predicting how the season will go. This will be a lengthy blog, so stop reading now if your attention span can’t handle it.Continue Reading

Nick Foles The Philly Savior Is Going To Free Agency

Hey everyone here’s me impersonating the Eagles “We have one QB on our team that can get us to the playoffs what should we do with him?” “Let’s get rid of him” “wow what a great idea let’s spit in each others mouths until we throw up”. That’s pretty much a direct quote and I’ll risk my life on that.

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