Jason Garrett Is A Dumb Idiot Person

Okay, I know this one is late but I just wanted to express my hatred for Jason Garrett. I didn’t even have money on the Cowboys (primarily because I’m not an idiot) but this decision still pissed me off. How in the world do you punt on 4th and 1 on the Houston 42 yard line? You have a fucking beast of a running back in Ezekiel Elliot, you give him the ball, and THEN if worse comes to worse, you give your defense a chance to stop them. What a wildly idiotic decision to make, the Cowboys are just going to keep doing stupid Cowboy things I guess. But whatever, I covered on the game because I bought to 2.5 for the Houston spread, and I am going to win again in 2 hours when the Saints finish embarrassing the Redskins just like a Jewish mother does at her son’s Bah Mitzvah (for those of you pieces of shit out there that don’t know Jewish culture and traditions it’s a coming of age ceremony for 13 year old boys, read a book).

The NFL Is Currently In Bizzaro Land

What is going on right now, can anyone tell me? I mean I have already seen two botched punt returns and its only an hour into the games, kicks are missing like crazy not only this week, but the entire season so far. Also, are we allowed to say Green Bay sucks yet, because they look like they suck. On top of all that, I am pretty sure I just saw the most egregious missed pass interference call in the Bills game. And as I am writing this, Odell Beckham just showed he’s better at throwing touchdowns than he is at catching them this year. The NFL just feels like its turned upside down right now, and I don’t hate it either, its making for an exciting season. There is two more things I want to talk about, first thing is that even though Game Of Mahomes just threw his first pick, hes showing right now against the leagues best defense that hes the real deal. This kid is the ideal QB, when you combine his athletic talents with his photographic memory you create a player that’s so unique in the NFL. The Chiefs defense also can apparently only show up when they’re playing against the leagues best defense, if they are able to somehow replicate this defensive performance in future games they are a lock for winning the Superbowl. The second thing I want to talk about is how in the hell has Mason Crosby missed 3 kicks today??? There’s something crazy going on in the NFL right now and I fucking love it.

Khabib Should Have Been Stripped Of His Title On The Spot UFC 229

Okay, before you start thinking “He’s only saying that because he lost his bet on McGregor” well that’s partially true, however its mainly because Khabib is a trash person. I understand that this is the UFC were talking about, and when it comes to combat sports people’s temperaments tend to be on the aggressive side, however that doesnt give you the right to jump the fence and start a brawl with someone because of it. Khabib honestly made the UFC look bad last night, how he behaved is unbecoming, and it’s certainly not how a champion acts. No one knows what’s going to happen because this is unprecedented in the UFC, Khabib hasn’t even been paid yet because hes under investigation from the Nevada State Athletic Commission, and there’s argument that the check should go to me since I lost 200 bucks. So in summary, Khabib is a garbage human being, from a Garbage country, yeah that’s right I said it, Dagestan is a joke of a fucking country, and this fight should be called a no decision (so I get my money back) and his title should be stripped. Fuck Khabib and the other 12 citizens of Dagestan.

@Degeneratefaded Is A Legend

Alright I know you guys don’t know who degeneratefaded is, but he’s my soccer blogger I’ve been keeping in the roster but he’s making his debut tofuckingday. I’m going to tell you what this degenerate has done to deserve a blog post, he put 100 dollars on every single fight tonight including prelims, on the underdogs only. Yeah, you read that right, this maniac put 100 on every underdog and is up 140 going into the McGregor VS Nurmagomedov fight, we haven’t even hit the main card and this lunatic already covered. Wow, I mean essentially he’s up like 280 since McGregor already won, but he’s a maniac so he deserves a blog post. This man deserves a blog post, and if the McGregor fights covers, degeneratefaded gets a weekly post for being a savage. Look out for his Soccer posts because this dudes a fucking legend.

Conor McGregor VS Khabib Nurmagomedov McGregor Wins In 3

Okay, so clearly McGregor isn’t the favorite, and that’s exactly why I have 250 on him. I have never heard of anyone outside of the McGregor VS Mayweather fight making money betting against McGregor, that’s not how you get rich. Yes, Khabib is undefeated, but that’s strictly because he hasn’t fought McGregor yet. McGregor is the most awe inspiring fighter we have seen in our generation, he’s a guy that fights so well that he can act like a total dick bag outside the ring and it’s totally irrelevant. McGregor is the kind of dude where if a 12 year old fan approaches him on the street for an autograph, you expect him to challenge the kid to a fight, and I love that about him. McGregor’s attitude alone has already beat Khabib, expect him to take a win tonight, just like taco bell does against my asshole on heavy drinking nights.

Red Sox VS Yankees Is The Best Rivalry In Sports

I really want to start out this post with what’s on everyone’s minds, FUCK the Yankees, and FUCK their fans, they’re garbage people. Okay, now that I have properly vented my feelings, as necessary per having Massachusetts blood in me, we can move on. The Red Sox VS. the Yankees is undoubtedly the best rivalry in sports. I mean, try to prove me wrong. You wont be able to, during the normal season there’s nothing like it. However, when you have Red Sox Yankees in the playoffs it’s electric. It’s something so real, but at the same time it’s intangible. It’s a beautiful time of year where southie dudes are likely to just beat the shit out of anyone wearing Yankees gear. But, on the other side, Yankees fans will do the exact same shit when the games move over to the Bronx. The Red Sox are going to crush the Yankees in this series, and they’re also going to win all the fights in the stands. So in my unbiased expert opinion, go Red Sox, fuck the Yankees.

Bruins Losing 0 – 7 In Their Season Opener Isn’t A Good Look

It’s never great for your team to just be straight up destroyed like a male entering a relationship with a Kardashian in their first official game of the year. It’s always hard to see this in the first game of the year, it kind of ruins the tone for the rest of the year. However, there was a redeeming moment, and that’s when Brad Marchand just started feeding Lars Eller the combos. It’s not the most inspirational thing in the world to see your team down 0-7 but when Marchand defended our honor by just beating the living shit out of Eller for celebrating, it starts to feel a little bit better.