Tiger Is Back!


Tiger.Fucking.Woods. We got a rare treat this past weekend we got to see legacy Tiger, we got see see early 2000’s Tiger. Tiger came out and smoked the competition he is unarguably back. There’s people out there talking about “Oh well it isn’t a major so he isn’t really back” are you literally incapable of thought? Yes it was a 30 man tournament, but it was the BEST 30, It’s not like he went out and smoked amateurs, Tiger crushed the best in the game and that’s a huge accomplishment, Tiger showed this weekend that he’s capable of winning any tournament that’s coming at over 40 years old. If you look into it tigers already got the most wins, Snead’s 82 wins are impressive however some of them don’t even count as three of his wins come from a 36 hole tournament according to PGA tour policy for an event to be considered a tournament it has to be at least 54 holes. If you take this into account Tigers already won it and is the best to have ever played the game without an argument. However, if you don’t take the wins from Snead, Tigers going to win at least 3 more tournaments, Snead won the last one of his at 52. Tigers got a lot of golf left ahead of him and he’s going to crush this record and become untouchable. Congratulations Tiger Woods, enjoy banging every single Hooters waitress within 100 miles you stud.