Tampa Bay Halftime Shit Show

Well being wrong on your first prediction? Going to level with you folks it does not feel good, granted we’re at halftime and all I need is a 1 point victory for Tampa to cover, crazier comebacks have occurred *Reference Patriots 2017 Superbowl victory*. Let’s talk Fitzmagic, the first two picks he threw were and still are inconsequential as they weren’t his fault, first one happened on a popup when a linemen got his hands on it, and the second one Mike Evan’s didn’t run his route correctly (third one falls on him though, fucking garbage pass). Although he threw three picks essentially back to back, he came out the next drive and wasn’t afraid to sling the ball for a huge gain to Evan’s, dudes got balls of steel, its like getting turned down three times in a row at the local bar and asking the next girl you see if she wants to fuck. The second half belongs to Tampa and I smell a comeback coming. Also real quick on the new roughing the passer rules, they’re ruining the fucking game, from what I’ve gathered so far if a player sneezes on a QB, Its about a 600 yard penalty and the team loses their first round picks for the next 35 years. They’re punishing 300 lb dudes on this rule that literally cant stop running because they’re essentially a mac truck going downhill in a snowstorm without brakes. Its bullshit and it’s not only ruining football, but its causing a rift to form between myself and my bookie because, well quite frankly I cant pay the dude if I keep getting screwed like this.

The Degenerate Blog lives

Your’e going to get sick of this blog real quick. I promise you

You miss 100 % of the shots you don’t take – Stormy Daniels

So here it is, ill start off by saying i’m a horrible person, and a horrible writer, one of the worst in existence quite possibly, but my ideas are so good that the public needs to hear them and who am I to rob you of that? There’s going to be a blog up tonight about Tampa Bay VS Pittsburgh, (I took Tampa Bay on the spread because i’m not a total fucking moron) and its going to be pretty fucking good. Expect Fitzmagic (I guess that’s a trademark now thought I would throw that in there for legal purposes) to decimate Pittsburgh’s defense, there’s more holes in that shit than Swiss cheese. I’ll talk more about Monday Night football in a post later tonight or tomorrow, and I will gloat when the Buccs do exactly what I said they will do, dominate. Follow the twitter @degensportsblog there’s gonna be some great content on there. Ill be cranking out a few blogs a week on an absolute Adderall fueled binge while trying to balance work and avoiding my bookie, so check them out.