Is Kemba to the Celtics Bad?

Drama queen shit head Kyrie Irving is most likely going to take his happy ass somewhere else after Boston fans marveled at his game and gave him great support for 2 seasons. He went from my current favorite player to being one of my least liked players solely because of the toxicity he brought to the Celtics way. We are a championship driven team, and Kyrie was too much of a diva to make his own legacy in the greatest city on Earth. Now we have free agency creeping up on us, and there’s a very fun development breaking right now. Kemba Walker to the damn Celts. Kemba’s been probably the most underrated point guard in the NBA since he was drafted. Now he has a chance to sign a max contract and play in a significantly better system than he’s in right now. Is it a bad idea to sign Kemba though?

I’d say it’s not a bad idea, but is he really what we need right now? I mean, with Marcus Smart, Romeo Langford, Carsten Edwards, and potentially Terry Rozier in the Celtics depth chart, it’s extremely deep. Our big men? Robert and Grant Williams. Tatum could stretch as a 4, but we have no depth in terms of big men. That’s what we need. We can want Kemba all we want; let him go somewhere else for an obscene amount of money and pick up a big man. We could grab Nikola Vucevic, who I’ve really liked ever since he broke out with the Magic. He had an impeccable season last year and could be an ample replacement for Al Horford (who I’m gonna miss the ever loving shit out of). Enes Kanter and Clint Capela are also in our sights, the first being one of the best offensive rebounders in the game and the latter being a defensive force and a good rim attacker. Steven Adams could also be a potential signing.

It really all depends on what the Celtics want. I would be completely fine with keeping Rozier at point guard for a reasonable price, because he’s already a good player on both ends and could even have a breakout year at the top of the depth chart. He broke out in the playoffs 2 years ago, showing off his potential. He can rebound and defend better than Kemba and is somewhat of a veteran in Brad’s system. All the fuckwads who criticize Tatum for “not scoring enough” could be shut up if he is allowed the chance to be the number one scoring option on the team. He’ll be heading into his 3rd season, and Brown his 4th, and the two of them could be really incredible to watch. Imagine the Celt’s defense if it were Rozier, Smart, Brown, Tatum, and Steven Adams as the starting 5. They’d be relentless. No matter what the Celtics do, they’ll be exciting to watch and can still surprise people if they sign an All-NBA point guard and allow the young bigs to play their game. We will find out what happens on June 30th.


I’ll be writing another blog on how I’d like free agency to go down, and then another analyzing all the moves that go down. It’s going to be the craziest offseason the NBA has seen in a long, long time.

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