Stanley Cup Starts TONIGHT!!

Bruins vs Blues baby! Every Boston team besides the Celtics will have the chance to for the national championship in their respective sport. If that’s not impressive, I don’t know what is. They came back to beat the Maple Leafs, defeated the Columbus Monster Dongs fresh off of a sweep of the Lightning, then swept the puny little Carolina Hurricanes, who should change their names to the Dirt Piles (cause they got swept, obviously) or the Drizzles, cause they are not nearly as sick as an actual hurricane. The Blues somehow made it through the West, which is crazy because so did the Sharks. I didn’t really follow the Western conference too closely but I do know that the Blues weren’t the favorite to make the Cup. Now the Bruins will have to fight through one more series and claim their second Stanley Cup in the decade, which would also be the last one of the decade as well. They could very well beat the shit out of St Louis, but they could definitely put up a tough fight and steal the Cup. Game one is on at 7 PM eastern time, and it’s gonna be a hell of a series.

Ps. I’d like to note that I correctly predicted a Raptors-Warriors NBA Finals. Also, I predicted the Raptors would be the Celtics, so I was wrong there; and I predicted the Warriors would sweep the Nuggets, they actually played the Trailblazers but I was right about the sweep. This will be an awesome series and I hope Kawhi (the rightful MVP) can contain them like he did the Bucks.

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