Tiger Woods Wins His Fifth Green Jacket

They told him he would never be here again. They told him he was washed up and that he would never win another major. But with all the doubt on him and against all odds, Tiger Woods showed us all he is still the best of the best in the PGA.

I love it. I love it oh so fucking much. Not just the fact that i won 14 hundo. Honestly the fact that i get to see Tiger don another Green jacket as an adult is so surreal. The fist pump, the red mock turtleneck he wore today. Its so nostalgic in a way, watching him close that last putt he had to make to clinch the win. 14 years separates the last time Tiger donned a green jacket with a victory at Augusta. To a professional athlete, 14 years can be considered a lifetime, Tiger has been doubted multiple times leading up to this victory, and Im sure hes even doubted himself a couple times along the path. The look on Tigers face was that of pure unfiltered pride, when he was hugging his son after the drained the final putt. For those that think this is a sign that Tiger can retire now, knowing he was the best to ever play the game, you are dead wrong. Tiger Woods has a lot left to offer the game of golf as a whole, and still has the ability to inspire young golfers everywhere. All I can say is this, welcome back to your throne Tiger, its a privilege and an honor to see you come back as king of the golf world.

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