Do I Have 100 Bucks On Tiger Winning The Masters? Absofrigginlutely

Listen. I’m a Tiger fan boy, there I said ot. I’ve watched the dude since I was a kid, and I respect the way he gives it all on the course, and to denny’s waitresses.

Listen, is it signficant that I put 100 down on Tiger? Not really, im a fucking fiend and love 14/1s, I mean I would game on middle school volleyball if a bookie was attending. But man, the turtleneck got to me today, I love that hes one stroke off 1st, but the turtleneck, that got the jues flowing. I remember as a kid, when you saw the turtleneck you knew tears were going to start flowing on the course, and a Hooters waitress was about to have a mixed race baby in 9 months when tiger knocks her up. Tigers in rare form, and in Augusta nonetheless. If Tiger stays on top of his game this weekend, he could walk away with his fifth green jacket, a bill for an abortion from an waffle house waitress, and knowing he won me 1400 bucks. What could be better. More blogs coming soon, our writers have been crazy busy having to fight Facebook for some reason, and I’m prepping for a move to the west coast. More blogs coming soon!

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