The Final Four Will Be Nuts

Texas Tech upsets Gonzaga, Virginia outlasts Purdue, Auburn stuns Kentucky, and Duke shits the bed and finally loses as Michigan State slaps their dick across the Blue Devils’ foreheads. These 4 teams cut the nets and are dancing into the most exciting playoff semifinals in all of sports. This Final Four will be insane because there’s only one 1 seed, and the other 3 are bloodthirsty after taking down two 1 seeds and a 2 seed. All the analysts were saying Texas Tech was a Final Four capable team ad they proved them right. Each team has great star power, and I’m looking forward to seeing some crazy games. Auburn has another chance to upset a 1 seed, and Texas Tech and the Spartans will clash. I believe the Red Raiders will top MSU and Virginia will squash the Tigers. Jarret Culver is a beast for TTU and I absolutely love the games of DeAndre Hunter and Kyle Guy. I had all of the 1 seeds in my bracket moving to the Final Four and I only made one correct choice, and my team was Tennessee, so I’m rooting for Virginia to win it all. This is gonna be a great Final Four and I’m so happy Duke finally fucking choked.

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