A Legend Retires

Gronk. The first thing I’m going to say is thank you for everything you have done for the Patriots as an organization, and your legacy will live on forever.

It’s hard. But we knew it was coming. Robert Gronkowski has come to be one of the most prolific tight ends of all time. His size was always a factor, however his inane talent to catch the uncatchable will always stick with me. As a player that I’ve watched since I was 16 years old, Gronk helped shape me into the superfan I have become today. He has and always will be a key player to the Patriots prolific success over the past 9 years. Every time you saw him in a one on one, you knew something special was going to happen, because there isn’t a single player that can cover the man known as the girthquake. I also hate to say this, but I dont think he is done. I think he will sit out for a year, and miss it so much that he gets drawn back in, that or he spends so much money on partying that he has to. I hope this isn’t the last we see of you, you magnificent beast, but for now enjoy your retirement. Fuck some sloppy chicks tonight you absolute king, long live Gronk, the greatest tight end the Patriots has ever seen.

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