What The Hell Is Going On In The NFL Right Now

This shit right here is why I love football, just as much happens in the off season as it does in the regular, granted this years off season movement began with a Robert Kraft tug job.

I mean lets talk about the 4 big elephants in the room, first being OBJ to the Browns! What?! Don’t they know they’re not allowed to get good players? The Browns have been making power moves for their team this year already of course, after acquiring talent such Kareem Hunt (Now starting to believe the Browns had the tapes released so they could get him for next to nothing). OBJ will fit in great along with Baker Mayfield and former LSU teammate Jarvis Landry, whose chemistry together will add an extra layer for big play ability. Next, Antonio Brown to the Raiders, we knew he was going somewhere else due to his strain between him and the team, however the Raiders were truly a surprise after the Buffalo Trade fell through. The Raiders were in need of a reliable receiver after the Amari Cooper trade (in which they got a 1st round draft pick)  and got one of the best in the game at a steal in Antonio Brown, who for which they traded a 3rd and 5th round draft pick. Bottom line about this is a lot people are saying ” what does it matter if they have AB, the Raiders are trash” there’s 2 key points in countering that. First, Antonio Brown is an impact player, hes he has attitude problems, but his elite ability and presence on the field already greatly increase the Raiders. Secondly, the Raiders still have many moves to make this off-season, particularly in the draft where they have positioned themselves to grab some key position players to build up the team, the raiders biggest problem will be finding a better QB, which may or may not be a big priority for them. Next up is superstar RB Leveon Bell who made a splash in the 2018 season by not playing a single fucking game (drafted him as my 1st pick in fantasy NBD) due to monetary reasons which stirred up controversy for the player. However James Conner was able to step in getting paid a tenth of Bells salary and keeping up close with his production, therefore rendering Bells sit out futile. Bells signed a 52.5 million dollar 4 year contract with 35 million guaranteed (less than  what he was making on the franchise tag, but the large guarantee was what the star was looking for due to teams tendencies to rely on him as a workhorse). Le’Veon will need some other players to truly compliment him, as well as a Jets Coaching internal focus on improving that moist paper towel of an Offensive line, however if the Jets draft well, and continue making trades such as this one, Bell will have no issues at all succeeding in the 2019 season. Lastly, Big Dick Nick Foles AKA the nightmare of New England AKA the hash slinging slasher, AKA the godfather AKA the butterfly affect, I could fabricate more nicknames but you probably get the point (by the way did you catch the Nick Names Pun? God I am fucking clever. Anyways, Nick got a 4 year 88 million dollar deal, once the paper work is signed, the Jaguars will be cutting Blake Bortles who will probably have to go work at Chipotle because no one likes him. Nick Foles is a known closer who has been able to do for the Eagles in the past 2 years what Carson Wentz could not, win. However, foles also has a history of inconsistency which makes the amount of money the Jaguars bet on him to be high risk, but also high reward if he is able to hammer out those inconsistencies and play like the champion he has proven himself to be. I would talk about Joe Flaaco going to the Broncos but Flaaco is trash and so are the broncos so thats all im going to say, individually they suck and together they suck. There have been a lot of smaller trades albeit still very important, like Danny Amendola to the Lions, Cordarelle Patterson going to the Bears, Michael Bennett to the Patriots, and of course Robert Krafts  old gross load to a masseuses hands. Thanks for reading if you want to support the blog please give me a follow, we will be starting a podcast soon!

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