LeBron passes Jordan on All Time Scoring List

LeBron James achieves another impressive milestone last night, only needing 13 points to pass MJ on the list and ended up scoring 31 in the loss to the Nuggets. This gives basketball fans another chance to argue who is ultimately the greatest of all time. Is it Jordan? Is it James? In my totally biased opinion I’d say it’s MJ. But let’s be unbiased for a second here. Basketball might be the easiest sport to determine a bonafide GOAT just because there’s so many less players to have played than baseball or football. For baseball, Babe Ruth could be argued to be the GOAT. But in baseball I’d much rather just pick the greatest player from each era or the greatest of each position because it’s way too hard to argue for just one player above everyone since the 1910’s. In football, the GOAT is Tom Brady, but is he the GOAT of all positions? Can you really compare him to Barry Sanders, Jerry Rice, Lawrence Taylor, or Ed Reed? How can you pick a GOAT in football when there’s players who specifically play offense or defense, who have different levels of athleticism, whose stats are more or less significant depending on their position? But in basketball, there’s 5 players in a starting lineup, they all have the same opportunity to rack up the same stats, and there’s usually a clear best player from each generation. Jordan and James are easily the best players of their respective generation. Jordan has racked up way more accolades. 3x steals champ, 10x scoring champ, 9x all defense, 6 titles, 5 MVPs, I could keep going. But then you have LeBron, who has 2000 more rebounds and assists than Jordan, who plays in a much more athletic and competitive era, who’s been to 8 straight finals and has had to carry a team of average players to the finals twice. Why can’t we just say they’re equally as great, have accomplished so much for themselves and their teammates, have dominated their eras, and have given the NBA two of the most illustrious careers ever? There doesn’t have to be a GOAT in any sport, but people love to argue and hate and shit on any accomplishment someone makes because they think someone is more of a GOAT than them. Let’s just have Jordan have his 6 rings and LeBron have his unprecedented all-around greatness and athleticism. You could still argue that Kareem, Shaq, Wilt, Kobe, or Russell are better solely because of PERSPECTIVE. It’s literally all perspective and opinion. Let’s just be objective as fans and appreciate all these two have done for the game, revolutionizing basketball as we know it. Stop with all the petty drama and attempts to discredit these players. “Jordan played against mailmen.” “LeBrons played more games than Jordan.” Blah fucking blah. I’m gonna stop trying to make stupid, repetitive, useless arguments about who’s better because frankly, they’re both legends and I don’t care who’s the GOAT between them. I’ll just recognize how much they’ve done for this great game.

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