Jason Witten Is Coming Out Of Retirement So We Dont Kill Ourselves Watching Him Announce Games

Let’s face it, dudes a great tight end HORRIBLE football announcer. Jason Witten seemed straight up umcomfortable as an NFL announcer, like a female jail nurse being left alone with prisoner Bill Cosby.

Homies getting about 5 million to come out of retirement. That’s nuts. Clearly hes not rusty otherwise the Cowboys wouldn’t be so quick to bring him back in. However I have a theory, Jerry Jones is crazy rich. So he probably got so pissed off at listening to Jason Witten talk on air, that he dropped 5 million to bring him back as a player. At least this way you dont have to hear him with a microphone in. All jokes aside, Witten is an incredible player, I am very excited to see him come back and play in the NFL, even if it’s for the chode juggling Cowboys.

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