Nick Foles The Philly Savior Is Going To Free Agency

Hey everyone here’s me impersonating the Eagles “We have one QB on our team that can get us to the playoffs what should we do with him?” “Let’s get rid of him” “wow what a great idea let’s spit in each others mouths until we throw up”. That’s pretty much a direct quote and I’ll risk my life on that.

I mean jesus christ how do you not franchise tag him. Why get rid of the ONE thing that could be identified as a secret weapon on your team. Nick Foles > Carson Wentz and if you dont know math that little symbol means Foles is better than Wentz. Wentz is a ice cold glass of hot dog water compared to the guy that haunts hundreds of thousands of New Englanders dreams. However, there is the interesting aspect of where he will go. There are plenty of teams he can go to and be the star, although in my opinion he is more of a closer than a star franchise QB, you tag him in to finish off the fat sorority chick you’re banging after you pull your ACL during sex. The Miami Dolphins might be a good fit so they can get someone that’s not a hot bag of garbage as their QB. Thoughts on where this stallion is going, let me know your thoughts below.

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