Where Oh Where Will Leveon Go?

Leveon Bell is officially free from the Steelers, as was his Hope, however where he ends up is still technically a mystery.

The Jets are one of the obvious answers, with the Cardinals, and the Ravens as other potential options. The three teams make a lot of sense, they have room fornell financially and each team is being led by a young QB who could blossom into a franchise QB (Besides Rosen literally fuck that kid). You have to think at this point that Bell is going to go where the money takes him, with all 3 teams being able to offer something astounding in the terms of salary. At this point where he lands is still a toss up, however there is another question on people mind:is Bell still in tip top playing condition? There are reports that bells weight got up to as high as 260, potentially lack of strict training that comes with playing a normal NFL season. However, im sure with the level of professional Bell is he will be able to lose whatever weight he deems necessary before the start of the 2019 season. Got any ideas on where you would like to see bell let me know in the comments!

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