Machado Chooses San Diego

Manny Machado made his extremely anticlimactic free agency decision by choosing a 10 year, $300 million deal offered by the Padres, the largest free agent signing in MLB history. His other possible destinations were Philadelphia and Chicago (White Sox). Money was most likely the biggest factor, seeing as both Philly and Chi-Town weren’t going to be willing to give him that much money. I mean, is this douchebag really worth 300 mil? No, no he’s not. Manny Machado proved in the World Series that he doesn’t belong in the postseason again, so I think San Diego might be the perfect fit for him. $30 million a year, chillin in California, being a hustle-deprived bum who tries to injure other players. That’s the American Dream! His free agency was so overhyped and he took this long to make a decision. That’s the hustle we all know and love from him. I’m glad that we at least know where he’s going to play now, especially now that it’s in a useless franchise. The Padres have been at the bottom of the barrel in the NL West, but they might actually be better than the Diamondbacks after they basically got rid of their entire team. But the postseason? Hopefully Machado never sees the light of day again.

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