3 Point and Dunk Contest Winners

The 3 Point Contest was loaded with lethal shooters, including the Curry brothers, Devin Booker, and the really, really old Dirk Nowitzki. Literally every single reporter and basketball analyst said that Steph would win the contest, but they were dead wrong. None other than the greatest shooter of all time Joe Fucking Harris won it. He edged out Steph by making every shot on his money ball rack and finishing with 26 points. Steph came up short by missing his last money ball. Joe Harris was insanely efficient and took home the crown. The dunk contest was honestly horrible and seems to be trending in the wrong direction ever since Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon battled it out a few years ago. Hamidou Diallo (who played basketball with one of my buddies at Putnam Science Academy in Putnam, Connecticut) won the crown by jumping over Shaq and slamming it home with Vince Carter’s signature elbow dunk. I don’t know how he jumped over that mother fucker but he somehow did, and he didn’t need leverage. Everyone else’s dunks kind of blew, besides John Collins’ first dunk. Watch the highlights if you want to be majorly disappointed. Hopefully next year’s dunk contest won’t be a shitshow.

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