My Thoughts On The Matt Kuchar Caddie Controversy

So, if you didnt already know, Kuchar is being thrust into the spotlight because of his payment of $5,000 to a club caddie (not his tour caddie) at the Mayakoba classic in Mexico back in November, although Kuchar won 1.3 Million.

I’ll lead with this, do I personally think I would give at least 5 percent (65K) to a caddie if I won, yes I would. I think the amount that Kuchar gave is cheap. However, him and the caddie had and agreement before the tournament about amounts the caddie would receive depending on where Kuchar finished, 4k being if he won it. So mind you, this caddie makes 200 a week, he isnt some super knowledgeable dude, who’s telling what club to hit, reminding you about lie and shit. He was there to carry clubs. This dude made 5k (more than what Kuchar promised). He makes 200 a week on average so he made roughly 25 times his weekly salary and this dudes complaining about a pre agreed upon amount? Suck a dick bro. Yes, Kuchar COULD have given you what a normal caddie gets (industry standard is 10%) but you’re also not a normal caddie, you don’t have the insight and personal relationship that Kuchar has with his tour caddie, so you don’t get paid the same. Could Kuchar have changed this dudes life? Yes he could have, but he is also no where near obligated to do so, it would be like tipping your valet 50k for bringing back your car safe and sound, an extremely generous thing to do but far from neccessary. This dude needs to be happy he got the 5k and shut his mouth.

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