Joe Flacco To The Broncos?

I mean I like it, kind of. Granted its heresay until March 13th, when the new league year officially begins.

However this insider news seems likely, with the trade to occur on the 13th. I’m thinking it’s going to have to be for the Broncos first round pick, knowing that they will be rolling the dice on any rookie QB that’s left as the 10th overall pick, the studs will all be gone. Also, the Broncos will have a known good player in Flacco, who can come to the team ready to perform. A veteran QB is exactly what the Broncos need, and a draft focused on bolstering their receivers to the point that Flacco has ample targets. Obviously, this leaves Lamar Jackson as the starter, who has impressed just about everyone with this ability to scramble looking like Michael Vick in his prime. In my personal opinion, I think Flacco is overrated, and I would be trying to trade up in the first round to get a stud like Kyler Murray, or Dwayne Haskins who could be a franchise QB.

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