Embarrassing Game for the Warriors

The final game before the All Star Break was a matchup between the Warriors and Blazers in Portland. The game started off as a battle and was entertaining basketball between two very good western conference teams. Then the fourth quarter turned into a shitshow for Golden State. They led 95-94 and ended up losing 129-107. That’s only 12 points in the quarter compared to Portland’s 35. That is some stinky basketball. And it is mostly their fault, because 5 of Portland’s points came off of a Steve Kerr ejection and a flagrant foul committed by Draymond Green. A lot of the bad blood started when Klay Thompson’s ugly ass pushed off on Zack Collins and got called for an offensive foul. Collins started to talk some shit to Klay and he got all defensive and his pussy swelled up so he got angry. Both players got a tech and it evened out, no big deal. Then the Warriors started launching awful shots and making careless fouls. They played like a bunch of pouting middle schoolers, and their coach acting like a complete bitch didn’t help their case at all. They easily could’ve won the game and had a larger lead on Denver going into the break. Instead, their carelessness and lack of self control led to them losing a game they couldn’t afford to lose. Their bench was outplayed, their emotions were over-the-top, and they showed that is a huge vulnerability moving forward. I mean, they did lose the Finals to the Cavs after leading 3-1 in the series, and a lot of that is because Draymond Green is a mouthy fuck who got suspended and doesn’t know when to shut his mouth. The Warriors have been nothing but incredible again this season, but they have a lot of work to do in terms of not being huge pussies.

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