New Player Emerging as MVP Contender

We’ve seen nothing but greatness from Giannis, Kawhi, and Harden. All 3 players have contributed greatly to their team’s success and are having incredible seasons. But there’s a 4th player that should be talked about when mentioning the NBA MVP trophy.

Lets go down the list. Kevin Durant is still scoring like a boss and hit a clutch 3 in the Dubs’ recent win against Miami. Steph Curry is on a shooting tear and will never not be considered for the award. Kyrie Irving is continuously posting double-doubles and scoring like a G. Joel Embiid is easily the best big man in the league and only gets better every season. But the player I’m talking about is none of those big names.

Last night, he scored 47 points and had a triple-double. He leads the entire league in steals per game. He’s only scored less than 30 points on time this month. He’s a legit 2-way threat and is having his best season of his career. Well who the fuck is it? It’s Paul George. PG-13 is the reason OKC is where they are right now. 37 wins, 3rd place in the West, 9 wins in their last 10 games, and a scary contender. George is the perfect compliment to Westbrook and is leading his squad. If he continues this incredible season past the break, OKC could potentially be the team to beat in the West. The Warriors need to look out for the wrath of Paul George. He made a good decision staying put and not selling out to the Lakers and LeBron. He would not be having the MVP caliber season he’s having if he did. When all is said and done, he could be toting the Most Valuable Player award.

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