A Fantastic Trade Deadline

So many intriguing trades have fired off in the last 48 hours. The 76ers landed Tobias Harris and created a Big 4 of decent talent, the Bucks picked up Nicola Mirotic, the Raptors snatched Gasol from Memphis, and the 6ers also got rid of Markelle Fultz for future picks and Jonathan Simmons and future picks. There were other small trades around the league that bettered some teams and some that were questionable and kind of stupid. First off, Harrison Barnes finally escaped Dallas, which was basically like Shawshank for him. The Kings gave up Justin Jackson and Zeebo for him and now he can return to being a dynamic scoring option. The Kings did also trade away Iman Shumpert to the Rockets, where he may have the chance to return to his form too. Another great trade was Otto Porter Jr. to the Bulls for Portis and Jabari. I like this trade because the Bulls hated Jabari’s guts and got a great talent in Otto, and he’ll be a part of a young Bulls team that could mature into a dynamic squad. A bonehead trade was made by the Lakers, who got Mike Muscala (who had just been traded to the Clippers for Harris) in exchange for Michael Beasley and Ivica Zubac. I don’t give a shit about Beasley but Zubac was playing very well for LA and it’s ridiculous that they just get rid of him for some stupid bum who will barely get playing time. He and Beasley were also potential pieces of the AD trade so that’s just the nail in the coffin for those preposterous rumors. The deadline had more good trades than stupid ones, and a lot of teams got better. The winners are the 76ers, who stacked up in depth and future assets. Their team will be scary come postseason time.

P.S. A non-basketball trade happened today as well. J.T. Realmuto was shipped to Philly in exchange for prospects and an international slot, and that really propels the Phillies into Bryce Harper territory. A huge upgrade at catcher for the rising club.

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