We Have 6 Rings But Football Season Is over So I’m Sad

I mean don’t get me wrong, I’ve been gloating every single chance I get to any fan who I can irritate, because well it’s my sworn duty as a Patriots fan, but I’m still slightly depressed.

Like I said, I mean we won our 6th ring in like 18 years (A ring every year from a strictly statistical standpoint) but it also SUCKS. Because every time we win a championship that means I have to wait roughly 6 months for the first preseason game to start. I just love football too much, like I’ve said before there needs to be a league in the middle of the year to keep me entertained, but we aren’t too far off from March madness (aka upset season) and baseball is right around the corner, but let’s be honest, football will always be the best. Nothings EVER going to change that. Let’s lower out heads and prayer for a speedy arrival of the 2019 season (oh and throw a prayer in there for every heathen that isn’t a fan of the New England Patriots fan, hope they find the way to our light)

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