Super Bowl LIII Was Dope

I wanna start off with some simple math. 6 divided by 18 is .33333333, or some say 33%. 9 divided by 18 is .50. 6 divided by 9 is .66. Why do these matter? Six rings in 9 tries over 18 years equals domination. The Patriots won the Super Bowl last night and even though I was way too sloshed to remember everything, the highlights refreshed my rotten memory.

Say what you will about the final score, I really don’t give a flying duck. No that’s not a typo, I don’t give a duck. Ducks are weird. But a 13-3 outcome should not be hated on. The Rams put up ALOT of points in the regular season. Like, a shitload. They put up 30 against the Cowboys and 26 on the Saints. And how many points do they muster up against the Pats? It wasn’t a fluke, the Pats defense is just reallllly good and got crazy effective at the end of the year. Jared Goff was hounded all night and he couldn’t make any good throws. Tom Brady threw for 2 more yards than the entire Rams offense. Gurley was targeted and bullied all game, all 35 of his yards were pathetic. Such a laughable, bitch ass performance by the highest paid RB in the league. Sony is the better Bulldog and had another huge playoff game. 6 TD’s against 3 good defenses, that’s what I like to see. Edelman and Gronk both had amazing games and combined for 228 of Brady’s 262 passing yards. Gronk looked like his true self and it’s always great to see him contribute. This was just a very good game and should be looked back on as one of the best Pats SB appearances. People wanted to see offense and got a spectacular defensive fight. Boston beat LA again and no one should be surprised. A city of choke artists. Bill Belichick and Tommy Legend did it again. Cue the fuckin duck boats and lets rage. Boston rules!

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