Patty Mahomes Deserved The MVP

First off, we’re calling him Patty now, so get used to it, secondly if you disagree with me, you don’t know anything and you should pick a different sport to watch you absolute and total Troglodyte.

I mean, the Chiefs have been essentially irrelevant until Mahomes took the helm, and he is the reason they were favorites for the Superbowl (granted our lord and savior Tom Brady put him in his place during the AFC Championship game but thats a story for another blog). Without Mahomes, the Chiefs are just a non-cohesive team, I mean look at their defense! One of the bottom 3 defenses this year, and Mahomes produced enough on offense to bring them to the AFC championship game, and that’s with losing Hunt towards the end of the season. Honestly, Patty was the most electric QB to watch this year, when no play existed, he made one, when he was about to get sacked, he would scramble and get off a 35 yard bomb. Its always exciting to watch a QB like him, who is without a better word for it, Michael Vick-esque? (Granted without making pit bulls kill each other but you get my drift)  Mahomes isn’t as fast as Vick, but he does present that intangible ability to make a play that has no business gaining positive yards work. I am excited to watch Patty Mahomes career unfold, as he is likely to go down as one of the greats. Superbowl hype post coming in a few hours be on the look out

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