NBA Trade Deadline Heating Up

The trade deadline is less than a week away and there’s already been the same amount of petty drama and rumors as a private high school in California. Yesterday, we saw the Knicks basically trade their best player, Kristaps Porzingis, to the Mavericks for a pack of gum and a 2 dollar bill.

The logic of trading him to Dallas is questionable, but apparently the Knicks’ front office is really expecting a big splash in free agency in the summer. Even though they traded their greatest asset who would most likely be the reason people wanted to sign. Makes sense. Then you have the Anthony Davis rumors, and nobody knows exactly how accurate they are considering Rich Paul is both AD’s and LBJ’s agent. Of course he would want his 2 biggest clients to play together. But Davis is still available to many teams who can offer more than LA. Then there’s all the bullshit drama surrounding Kyrie Irving, and how he apparently wants to sign with the Lakers, and the Knicks, maybe any team in the NBA as long as it’s not the Celtics. He “doesn’t owe anyone shit,” in his own words. And people take that as, “Fuck Boston, I’m gonna leave to play with LeBron.” If Kyrie doesn’t owe “anyone” shit, then that means he doesn’t owe LeBron, or the Knicks, or anyone else the same amount of shit as the Celtics. He can make his own decision, and if he leaves the Celtics, then it’s his damn choice. Free agents can go wherever the hell they want, Kyrie could sign with the damn Hawks if he wanted to. All of these reports have basically no substance, and I’m starting to believe NBA sources are the most unreliable in sports. I won’t listen to them anymore, I’ll just wait and see what the players do themselves. Let’s see how many shocking trades are pulled off by the 7th, and hopefully it doesn’t include AD to the Lakers.

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