Gary Woodland Is Probably A Better Person Than You

What a standout dude. This is one of those feel good stories, that well makes you feel good.

Gary walked through a hole while Amy, a Special Olympics golfer played an excellent hole of golf. Honestly, shes a MUCH better golfer than me. She legit birdied this hole while having to play out of the sand, on top of that, she doesn’t even fucking play with the new flag in the cup rule. If you just look at Gary Woodland, you assume hes kind of douche, because that’s what’s on the books cover, he looks like the proud owner of a roofie stash at a frat house, but that’s just his appearance. When you read about him he does tear jerker stories like this as well he is a proud supporter of Folds Of Honor which has provided over 115 million in scholarships to the spouses and children of Vetetans who were disabled, or KIA. You have my respect Gary, good luck this season.

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