Robey-Coleman Needs to Shut Up

First off, I’m going to give a shoutout to my buddy Duke Large who runs a basketball podcast called “DameTime!” on his website. He shouted out Degenerate Sports on there and I’ll return the favor for him. I’m a feature guest speaker on his latest episode so give it a look at

Now back to business. The Rams’ Nickell Robey-Coleman is a shitbag human being. He called out the Patriots saying he hates them and that Tom Brady’s age is taking a toll on his career. First of all, Brady’s maintained elite QB production throughout his career despite of his age. He’s in the damn Super Bowl, and he played and BEAT your shit franchise 17 years ago for a ring. That just proves his age has nothing to do with anything. Second of all, everyone hates that Patriots, you aren’t special. Thirdly, why the hell should ANYTHING you say be valid enough to even be reported. One of the only reasons your team is even still there right now is because you are the dickhead who didn’t get called for a blatant pass interference. If that no-call doesn’t happen, your Super Bowl hopes are basically non-existent. So as you keep running your mouth, you’ll find out who your daddy is come Sunday. You might hate the Pats, but mostly everyone in America (including Saints fans most of all) think you’re a dirtbag who has no right in playing in the game at all.

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