I’ll Say It. The Pro Bowl Sucks

Good. Now we’re on all on the same page. Someone needed to say it.

It’s just, not very interesting. Like dont get me wrong, watching Jason Garrett lose even with a team of the best players in the NFC is absolutely hilarious, because well hes such a shit coach. Literally “hey dude here’s literally every single best player at their position” and he scored ONE touchdown, somehow he coach players and they become worse. But moving on, the reason I hate the Pro Bowl, is well because its downright boring. There just isn’t any incentive for players to perform there (besides boasting rights) and the the hitting is kept in check because it doesnt matter, so why get hurt. It’s just not as electrifying to watch. Here’s what we should have: The Blood Bowl. Its where the worst 8 teams play each other, and progresses similar to the superbowl. Where each team ends, is the order of draft picks for the year (with the other 24 teams getting picks in the normal fashion.) It would be AWESOME to see, just garbage teams duking it out to make their team marginally better for the next year, plus it would stop teams who had a bad season from purposely losing out games towards the end of a failed season so they could get a preferential draft pick. Also, it would give us MORE football and that’s never a bad thing. If you’d rather see the Blood Bowl tournament (that’s a trademark) leave me a comment, or let me know what you would rather see than the Pro Bowl since it’s a travesty to the NFL.

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