This Kids Going To Get Fucked Up

I hate to be the one to say this, I really do. But does this 10 year old need to get his fucking ass beat?

Listen here you smiley motherfucker, I read in the article that on your team you’re a “quarterback” I put that into quotations because a little kid shouldn’t be able to say he plays at the same position as our lord and savior Thomas Edward Patrick Brady. Tom Brady is so fucking good that they’re thinking about retiring the whole QB position not just his Jersey number. I honestly am so enraged at this kids gall, thinking that New England wouldn’t find out about him doing this, guess what you little troglodyte were the most educated state in the country up here in mass, that poster is a F. You would’ve failed your grade and had to repeat for bringing that sorry ass science report up here. I honestly am thinking about adopting 5 of the biggest 12 years olds I can find, enrolling them at his school, and have them beat him until he gives up his heathen ways of speaking against our lord. Fellow New Englanders, please pray for me as I wage war on this stupid 10 year old idiot. Amen

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