Patriots vs Chiefs: New England’s Most Important Game Ever

The playoffs are where legends are formulated. Tom Brady is the embodiment of the franchise QB and is possibly the most successful athlete of all time. And mostly because of his postseason success. My philosophy about sports is nothing is more important to a player’s legacy or greatness than winning championships. Tom Brady hasn’t done just that, but he’s dominated the entire league since he stepped foot on the gridiron. This is the most important game he and the Pats will ever play, and for several reasons…

Reason 1: He’s forty-fucking-one years old. This man is still destroying defenses with his dad bod and aching limbs. Somehow, though, he’s basically either improved every season or repeated production from the last season. He’s never really fallen off, no matter how much Pats haters and ESPN say it. He’s nearing the end of his career, and this game is important to win so he can prove everyone wrong.

Reason 2: The Chiefs will take over the role of the team to beat in the AFC. The Patriots cannot let this happen. I don’t give a shit how annoying it is for people that they have to suffer through the Patriots success. The Chiefs are fucking loaded and will be a top team in the AFC for years to come if they can retain their weapons. But if the Pats win, it’s still their conference. If they lose, then they won’t have the same presence in the conference and will most likely be a less desirable destination. The Pats need to maintain their prestige in order to stay dominant after Brady is gone.

Reason 3: A win solidifies Brady’s status as the greatest of all time and the Patriots’ status as the greatest franchise of all time. It’s wicked hard to make the Super Bowl for any team. 17 hard fought weeks and 2-3 playoff games against the best teams in the league. The Pats make it look so easy because they’re simply the greatest. Fuck the Steelers, Packers, 49ers, and every other team that thinks they’re the best. The Patriots have dominated the NFL for TWO DECADES. No team can ever say that. If they win the AFC championship and make it to the super bowl, they will cap off yet another decade of greatness.

Well there you have it. This is New England’s most important game in their history and I believe they will win. Brady is a savage, Bill is a genius, the defense is way better than it was in week 6, Sony Michel is a GOD, LETS FUCKING GO!!!!

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