Mid season NBA Check-In

Technically, the All-Star break is the “halfway point” in the NBA season, but every team has technically surpassed the 41 game mark. So I’m going to give you guys my mid-season thoughts. If you read my first blog, which was a Preseason blog and some predictions, then you’re a real one. But if not, then it’s fine because I got a lot of shit wrong. I originally predicted Trey Young to be the rookie of the year. I was dead wrong. Luka Doncic is about to be an All-Star nevermind the ROTY. He’s been shitting on defenses like he spikes his Wheaties with Miralx. Dude is the next big thing, he’s basically Dirk 2.0. The Grizzlies will NOT make the playoffs. They look like shit. The one I got right is the Nuggets will make a top 3 seed in the West. Joker is a straight beast and is a top 3 center in the league.

Honestly, I’m happy with what I’m seeing. I originally said Zach LaVine would be the most improved player, but apparently he isn’t eligible since he missed too many games last season. It’s Pascal Siakam’s time to shine. Dude has given the Raptors a huge edge and is basically Kawhi Leonard in training. The East will be a battle amongst the 5 top teams and I believe the Raptors will be the team to make the Finals (sorry Celtics). They’re just too deep and too versatile. The Warriors have regained their identity and their insane All-Star core will just get better with Boogie coming back soon.

In the end, I have a Raptors-Warriors finals matchup that will receive the most ratings ever. The Celtics will lose in the ECF and the Warriors will decimate the Nuggets in 4 games in their respective championship series. The Raptors will fight through 7 tough games but the Warriors will 3-peat like Lil Wayne. At least we won’t see a LeBron team in the Finals. It will be a refreshing but infuriating change in the basketball world. We will accept it and move on, and look forward to seeing where Zion goes in the draft. Time flies, and maybe next year we will see a new champion. But this year, Golden State will remain Dub Nation and we will all be happy that LeBron isn’t the GOAT.

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