Well, Nick Foles Cant Lose

What a predicament the rest of the fucking NFL is in.

Big Dick Nick is a problem that needs to be taken care of, I’m thinking about literally putting out a hit on this guy, so I can sleep at night. I literally still have flashbacks to last year when he served us a hot bowl of dick soup. Although he essentially iced the cake with his touchdown pass to Golden Tate putting them up by 1 point, the Bears thought the cake could use some sprinkles and drove right down the field to put Cody “off the upright” Parkey into field goal range. However, to hold true to his namesake, he did what he does best and drilled the upright like an Afghanistan oil deposit. The bears played an excellent game,and have the right to execute Cody Parkey if they so choose along with the rest of Chicago. The Eagles head on to New Orleans to do what they do best, upset elite teams. Or get totally wrecked of we can somehow break this God damn curse….

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