NFL Games Should Not Tie

The Eagles and Ravens are in the postseason, and the Steelers and Vikings are out. The 2 teams that were eliminated both played games that ended in a tie. Tying in NFL games can drastically affect teams’ playoff chances because of win percentage. Imagine if the Steelers had beaten the Browns in that week 1 matchup. They would be in the playoffs. But since the NFL hasn’t figured out the concept of multiple overtime periods, the Steelers get shafted like an altar boy. Same thing with the Vikings, their only chance to make the playoffs is if they beat the Bears or the Redskins somehow beat the Eagles. Without ties, the Vikings and Steelers would have the same exact record as the teams that grabbed their spots in the playoffs. Ties are not only fucking boring to watch, but they are horribly difficult to overcome in the playoff race. Don’t discredit the Eagles and the Ravens though, because they both ended their seasons with a 5-1 record and both teams replaced their starting quarterbacks. Ties are just a problem that needs to be fixed moving forward and shouldn’t even exist in the first place.

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