The Texans Have A 0% Chance Of Making It To The Superbowl

I am sorry to let you know this Texans fans, but I doubt you’re even going to win a playoff game.

Bottom line is the most important thing to an effective offense is at least a moderate offensive line, and seeing as Deshaun Watson has been sacked 60 times this year, I would say the Texans offensive line is piss poor, you would give Watson more protection by making the offensive line consist of puppies and kittens.  You can have a great QB, great defensive line, and one of the best wide receivers in the game, but it doesn’t matter when your QB is getting sacked on average 3 or more times a game. Their offensive line may have cut it in the regular season to get them where they are, but it wont hold up against playoff caliber teams, especially if they end up playing an insanely gifted defensive team like the Ravens. Unless the Texans have secret drug I don’t know about that makes their linemen better, they’re shit out of luck once the playoffs start.

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