Josh Allen Is A Running Back Who Is Good At Throwing The Football

This dude can run! 97 yards and 2 TD so far today, if you had to guess, those are running back statistics, not a quarterbacks.

I mean he makes mistakes when it comes to the passing game, which is understandable with a rookie, but his ability to pass the ball isn’t what impresses me about him, its his ability to run the ball as if he were still in college. His athleticism is something rarely seen in the NFL, the reason I say that is the fact that most QBs who have a strong talent for running the ball like he does, give it up when  they enter the NFL, Josh Allen told that notion to go fuck itself like a 13 year old kid that just discovered masturbation. If the Bills have a good draft year in 2019, and give Allen more weapons to throw too, he will be a dangerous player indeed.

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