Week 17 5 Team Teaser

Alright guys, last big NFL regular season teaser of the year, let’s make some fucking money.

First team I’ve got in the 5 team teaser is the Eagles at -1 vs the Redskins who are on their 76th QB of the year. The Eagles have a TON to play for as well, seeing as if they win, and the Vikings lose to the Bears which is VERY likely, the Eagles make their way into the playoffs. My next pick is the Steelers VS the destroyed Bengals, they’re hurting more than a 19 year olds head while shes walking home from a frat at 8 am, after a night of shame and 4 lokos. Steelers are coming in at -8.5 vs the Bengals which as I described earlier are just a shitty Dane Cook joke materialized as a NFL team. The Rams are playing the 49ers and coming in at -4 with the 6 point teaser, so they’re coming in very easily at the third team of this teaser. The fourth team in the teaser is the Buccaneers vs the Falcons coming in at +7.5, which should be an easy pay off, the Buccaneers are going to pick apart the Falcons joke of a secondary. My final bet in the teaser is the Patriots¬† at -7.5 VS the Jets, we as a team historically own the Jets, and the Patriots are playing for a first round bye, while the Jets are playing for the right to say that they’re still a NFL team. Let’s spend this Christmas bread on some Christmas bets.

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