Justin Herbert Just Took Himself Off The Draft Market

Damn, not a lot of kids would walk away from the chance to be the standout QB from their class, but Justin Herbert did, and no one knows why.

The first thing that stands out to me is that he doesnt want to play for the Giants, because that’s where he was projected to go before he announced he was going back to school. I mean, I’m just a commoner and I wouldn’t want to play Quarterback for that dumpster fire of a team, a girl scout could probably sack Eli Manning with the state of their team. Or maybe it’s a family thing, as his younger brother Patrick Herbert who happens to play Tight End just committed to Oregon as well, maybe he wants the chance to toss a couple bombs to the baby bro? However, its probably a combination of him thinking hes not quite ready for the NFL, and thinking that he could possibly bring Oregon to the championship his senior year. He wouldn’t be the first gifted QB to say fuck it to the money, stay in college for another year where he happens to be dominant, and just keep railing co-eds. Either way, Dwayne Haskins now has a decision to make since he is eligible for the draft, do I commit? The answer is probably yes, seeing as this is a weak draft class, he and he would reign supreme. We will watch Herbert with a follow up season that I’m sure will impress in 2019, and we will be waiting for Haskins decision after the bowl game on Jan 1st.

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