My Most Favorite NBA Players to Watch

Christmas is here and all this basketball makes me wanna blog. I’m wicked bored and I thought I’d share with the public my list because not only is it pretty biased but very unpopular in opinion. Here we go:

5. Giannis Antetokounmpo – Jesus Christ this guy is good. I love how he just posterizes people and leaps so high on alley oops his nuts graze on the top of his opponents heads. He literally jumps over them. If he develops a 3 point shot he can be the GOAT. That’s just my opinion but he’s 24 and is gonna end up being the best player of his generation (or at least one of them).

4. Kawhi Leonard – He is just so fundamentally sound and plays the game like a guru. He plays such mind-numbing defense the people forget how incredibly he handles and shoots the ball. He is arguably a top 5 scorer (ability-wise, not number-wise) in the league and second best in defense to the next guy in the list. Kawhi will literally crush his opponents dreams in his enormous fucking hand.

3. Anthony Davis – Hands down the best defender in the league. He will swat your shit, plays the best post defense besides maybe Embiid or Whiteside (when he’s on his game I mean the man is a blocks machine), and can defend on the perimeter as well as anyone. His offense is still evolving too, as he can hit crazy fadeaways and can pull up and even shoot the 3. Just an all-around boss and so entertaining.

2. Kevin Durant – He was my favorite player in the world before he decided to join everyone’s favorite team to hate. He’s a snake, a bitch, a loser, blah fucking blah. He’s still an unreal talent and arguably better than LeBron. His handles, shooting, scoring, and clutch are top notch. He plays great defense but doesn’t get that much credit because he’s mainly offensive-minded. He has, in my opinion, the 3rd prettiest shot in the NBA (Steph, Ben Simmons). So much fun watching him tear it up.

Honorable mentions – Steph is fun to watch but not in my personal top 5. He has the flashiness but still kind of irks me a bit. LeBron is fun to watch when he’s losing. Tatum is a stud and watching his game continue to grow is awesome. And Luka Doncic, YUM.

1. Kyrie Irving – Yup I’m biased. Yup I kinda rooted against him when he played with LeBron. But as a Celtics fan, and a lover of great Celtics basketball, this dude has performed the best in this uniform since the Big 3 era. Best handles in the NBA, top notch clutch ability, sensational passing, electrifying EVERYTHING. Every single breath this dude takes on the parquet is fucking majestic. He has been key in the revival of Boston basketball. He has time and time again proven to me that he is the heart of the C’s and he is now my favorite player. Before him was IT, but he is so much better than him and so much more fun to watch.

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