I’m A Fantasy Champion

Is it easy being this good and winning all the God damn time? When it’s because you’re genetically superior to every other human being yes it is.

I mean, it was close guys. Did I know Njoku was going to go off when I picked him up off the waiver Wednesday and slotted him over Brate? Of course I did I’m a genius. I Did the same thing with the Titans D who had the big pick 6 at the end of the game. I’m opening up a company called fantasy fulfillment for all you dumb idiots that cant run your own teams. Cant beat your friends? Have me run your team all season and all I’ll take is half your winnings and the sense of pride that comes with victory. Shout out to the man that came in second, Silver medal was the best you were going to get with me in the league.

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