Lamar Jackson Is A Real Life Nightmare

Jesus christ, could you imagine having to deal with this dude in a 1 v 1 as a defender? I would rather staple my scrotum to a burning hot stovetop then defend this dude.

The combination of Lamar Jackson and Gus Edward’s is scary. They way they’re able to run option plays Is insane. I love watching Lamar play because he is just SO fast. It’s incredible to see a dude that should be a running back sitting in a QBs spot. If Jackson cleans up his passing game before the playoffs, they’re a team I wouldn’t like to play. Also, from the other perspective you could say hes play style is scary especially if you’re a Ravens fan because the way he runs is quite dangerous, i don’t know what the future holds for this guy, i hope it is 70something good

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