Eagles Fans Need To Stop Sucking Carson Wentz Dick

There I said it. As much as I hate Nick Foles for taking away my god given right as a Patriots fan of winning a Superbowl every year, Eagles fans need to pray to god they have such an efficient back up to make up for Carson Wentz garbage performances.

Carson Wentz guaranteed would have lost that game VS the Rams. There is no doubt i my mind about that. People want to say “Oh Carson Wentz is crazy good on paper” guess what you don’t win football games on paper, the bottom line is that Carson Wentz was unable to get anyone besides Ertz effectively involved in the passing game. Nick Foles  got the insanely talented Alshon Jeffery involved in a way that has been lacking thus far in the season, he had himself a day with 8 receptions for 160 yards. I’ll be honest, if I was a Eagles fan, I would be sucking this dudes Dick 8 ways to Tuesday to somehow increase my chances of seeing my team perform a repeat. I will state this for every reader to see and understand though, FUCK the Eagles. I hope they win next week, and everything else falls into place, so that way in week 17, when all they need is a win against the Redskins…. they lose by a field goal.

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